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Lesson 4: Readings Quiz:

Note: Check your local instructor's syllabus for any graded quizzes. This is just a brief readings quiz. Also see: PRACTICE QUIZZES


Lesson 4 Practice Review Questions:
Instructions:  Choose the single most correct response:

1.  Form both hands into "A" handshapes.  The left hand is palm up.  The right hand is palm down.  Place the right "a" hand on top of the left "a" hand.  Move the right "A" hand in two clockwise circles.  The front knuckles of the right "A" hand rub against the front knuckles of the left "A" hand.  What is this sign?

2.  What is this sign?  (Dominant hand in a modified-A-handshape-[relaxed or slightly open thumb] thumb-side-pointed up, hand resting on palm of non-dominant hand. Both hands move upward a few inches.)

a.  school
b.  lift
c.  stop
d.  help

3.  What is this sign?

a.  thank you
b.  enjoy
c.  feel
d.  wash


4.  If you sign "thank you" with two hands what does it mean?
a.  It means "good"
b.  It means enjoy
c. You are "very" grateful. 
d. It means the same as with one hand

5.  What is this sign?

a.  half
b.  cut
c.  stop
d.  help

6.  NMM stands for:
a.  Nonmanual Marker
b.  New Minimal Mentoring
c.  Ned M. Mathews (a name sign)
d.  "nomenclature method"

7.  You could inflect the sign "slow" to mean "very slow" by doing it:  
a.  with a very quick movement
b.  slower than normal
c.  both "a" and "b"
d.  none of the above

8.  Which of the following signs is iconic?
a.  why
b.  house
c.  for
d.  how

9.  Concepts such as: stand, walk-to, lay down, toss-and-turn, dive, jump, skate board, scooter, get up--can be shown through what sign or set of signs?
a.  The agent affix
b. CL:V (classifier V)
c.  CL:F (classifier F)
d.  Each has its own unique sign.

10.  Which sign can use "reversal of orientation for negation?"
a.  HAVE
c.  WASH
d.  WANT



1.  WASH
2.  HELP
3.  b.  It means ENJOY (or appreciate)
4.  c. You are "very" grateful. 
5.  c.  stop
6.  a.  Nonmanual Marker
7.  c.  both "a" and "b"
8.  b.  house
9.  b. CL:V (classifier V)
10.  d.  WANT


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