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Dr. Bill's Superdisk:

Hello ASL Heroes!

Have I got an amazing deal for you.

I used to offer over a dozen different CDs with lots of ASL resources with a total cost of over $100 or more. 
Then I decided to put those resources onto one DVD "Superdisk!" and pass the savings on to you.

You can now pick up one of these gems for the amazingly low price of just $19.95: 

   Superdisk ($19.95)

Question and Answers about the Superdisk:

QUESTION: writes:

Dear Dr. Vicars-

Would you mind sharing briefly what is included in the CD?

Thanks so kindly!!

Dear ______,
Sure :)
First of all, it is a DVD.  It doesn't play on your TV though since it is a "data" disk intended to be used on a computer.  It doesn't need to be "installed" since it is basically a "website" on a disk that you access through your web browser.
It used to be a CD, but since DVDs can hold so much more information I decided to consolidate a bunch of different CDs into one "Superdisk" (DVD).
Most of the former CDs used to sell for $20 each, and there are well over 5 CD disks worth of files on the "Superdisk" so you get over $100 of ASL-related material for just $20.  Why such a low price?  Well, gee, it is just a piece of round plastic in a paper envelope. I burn them in my little studio here and Belinda (the shipping Department / wife) sends them out via US Postal Service. It doesn't come in a fancy package or anything.  But if you'd like -- I suppose could doodle something on the cover and charge you more. Let me know.
We are a "mom and pop" outfit here.
Dr. Bill

Superdisk contents:
* Note: I'm going to list a few of the main folders, but the fact is I put more, and more files on the DVD as I build and develop

+ The Lessons
+ The Powerpoints
+ Various videos
+ The "fingerspelling tool"
+ The Fingerspelling Disk contents
+ The Fingerseek puzzles
+  Various ASL Art
+  Literally thousands of files

Ann writes to ask: "Can I use this disk without an internet connection?"

Hello :)
Yes, you can use the "Superdisk" on a computer without being connected to the internet. 
The disk does use your computer's browser program, but the disk doesn't need the internet nor an internet connection.
(But you can't use it on a TV.  You need a computer.)
Basically what I did is I downloaded my various web resources as well as some of my teaching resources and stuck 'em all on a disk for people to use when they are not "online."
The disk thus consists of "web pages" that are running off of your local computer's disk player.  Occasionally you might find a link on the disk that tries to take you to an online page. If so, just press your back button. I'd say 98% of the pages stay right there on your local computer.
-- Dr. Bill

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