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How to donate to ASLU:


Thank you for donating.  I really appreciate every single donation to ASL University.  If you can afford to help a lot, great!  But there is no amount too small.  

Even a little bit helps so much.

To keep things safe and secure I use "Paypal."  You don't have to have an account. 

When you click on the "donate" button below it takes you to a payment page and in the bottom right hand corner just click on the "Don't have a Paypal account?" link and it will let you donate with a credit card without needing to join Paypal.  Easy.

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Question:  How will my donation be used?

Answer:  Your generosity helps pay for the web hosting, domain name subscription, computer equipment, internet connection,  software, and video equipment used to create the website and ASL materials.

Question:  Can I deduct this on my tax?

Answer:  That would be cool but no, sorry.  I'm just a college professor trying to help people by using my time in a productive manner.  The amount of time and organizational ability it takes to set up and maintain a 501 (c)(3) non-profit is huge.  That would take away from the time I devote to actually building and sharing ASL materials. 

Question:  Do I have to use Paypal?  Can I just pay with a credit card? Can I donate money in some other way?

Answer:  The PayPal donation page has an option to pay by credit card as a guest without setting up an account.  But you can donate however you'd like.  For example, you may wish to write a check or send a money order. If so, visit the "Contact Information Page." 

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