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ASL: Lesson 09:

___ Discussion topic:  Code Switching
___ Discussion topic:  Contact Sign Language
___ Discussion topic:  Bilingual-Bicultural approach
___ Discussion topic:  Numerical Incorporation
___ I
have taken the Lesson 9 Practice Quiz
___ I have taken the general practice quiz for this lesson.  See: PRACTICE QUIZZES

 DOOR-[Variations: open, open door, close door, closet]
 DRY-[Version: "dryer"]
 SINK -(S-I-N-K)
 WINDOW-[Variations open-window, close-window]
Review or clarify:

SOMEONE / something / single
also see: "WITH: advanced discussion"

Practice Sheet 9.A
01.  YOU LIVE BASEMENT APT? (Do you live in a basement apartment?)
02.  BATH, SHOWER, YOU PREFER WHICH? (Which do you prefer, taking a bath or taking a shower?)
03.  YOUR BATHROOM HAVE T-U-B? (Does your bathroom have a tub?)
04.  YOU TOGETHER-steady SOMEONE? (Are you going steady with someone?)
05.  YOUR COUCH, COLOR? (What color is your couch?)

Practice Sheet 9.B
07.  CAR HAVE? HOW-MANY DOORS? (Do you have a car?--if so--How many doors?)
08.  YOUR HOUSE, GARBAGE, WHO "throw out?" [mime "throw out"] (Who takes out the garbage in your house?)
09.  YOUR DRYER, G-A-S, [bodyshift] ELECTRIC WHICH? (Is your clothes dryer gas or electric?)
10.  THAT TABLE, COLOR? (What color is that table?)

Practice Sheet 9.C
11. TOOTHPASTE YOU,  what-KIND?  (What kind of toothpaste do you use?)
12.  YOU PREFER STOVE, MICROWAVE, WHICH? (Would you rather cook using a stove or a microwave?)
13.  YOUR REFRIGERATOR, what-COLOR? (What color is your fridge?)
14.  AMBULANCE, PAST-[before] YOU? (Have you ever been in an ambulance?)
15.  DEAF PREFER KITCHEN, WHY? (Why do deaf people tend to gather in the kitchen?) [better lighting]

Practice Sheet 9.D
16.  YESTERDAY YOU SHOWER? (Did you shower yesterday?)
17.  YOUR S-I-N-K, COLOR? (What color is your sink?) [Fingerspell "S-I-N-K"]
18.  YOUR PANTS, YOU PUT DRESSER, "HANG-UP" WHICH? (Do you keep your pants in a dresser or do you hang them up?)  [Mime "hang up" using an X-hand as the "hanger" and an index-finger as the "bar."]
19.  YOUR BEDROOM HAVE WINDOW?  (Is there a window in your bedroom?)
20.  YOUR HOUSE, HOW-MANY BATHROOM?  (How many bathrooms are there in your house?)

Notes:  Signing notes: 
"Battery" and "electric" can both use the same sign. However you might see other versions of the sign "battery" (as in the electric kind).
People may wonder, "Why did you include the sign for "ambulance" in a beginning-level curriculum?" Response: It isn't about the sign for "ambulance," it is about the sign for "light" and the various ways we can change the basic sign "light" to mean such things as "microwave," "overhead lighting" "emergency vehicle warning lights" and similar concepts. Once you get a feel for the basic concept of "lighting" it is easy to understand sentences like, "SOMEONE CAR HEADLIGHTS!" (Someone left their headlights on!)

Make sure you review: NUMERICAL INCORPORATION: The process of including a number in a sign. (It is important to understand numerical incorporation!)

Story 09:
YESTERDAY me-HELP-him BROTHER MOVE. HE BEFORE LIVE BASEMENT A-P-T. NOW HOUSE HIMSELF. HOUSE SMALL. GARAGE ZERO-(none). STOVE, REFRIGERATOR WASH-MACHINE, DRY DRY-(dryer), TABLE, MICROWAVE ALL IN KITCHEN. SINK WINDOW-(sign "window" further out and above the sink") WASH-DISH CAN LOOK-(out window) CHILDREN PLAYING WASH-DISH. BATHROOM SMALL, BATH-T-U-B ONLY, not-HAVE SHOWER. BEDROOM HAVE DRESSER. LIVE-ROOM HAVE COUCH, TV, WINDOW SMALL, (Show the size of a small square window by tracing the outline of the window with the tips of your index fingers.)


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