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Lesson 11: Readings Quiz:

Note: Check your local instructor's syllabus for any graded quizzes. This is just a brief readings quiz. Also see: PRACTICE QUIZZES


1. What is this sign? (It is a time concept.)  The movement is in the elbow. The wrist stays firm.


2. What is this sign?


3. What is this sign?


4. What is this sign? (The hands are moving in circles as if pedaling a bike.)


5.  What is this sign?


6.  What is this sign?

7.  What is this sign?

8.  What is this sign?

9.  What is this sign?

10.  What is this sign?  NOTE:  I know this sign looks like a version of the sign for PAST.  But that is not what I'm looking for here.  I don't want any sort of "time sign" like WAS or PREVIOUSLY.   The sign taps the back with the pads of your right hand fingers.

Answers to the practice quiz: 
1. always / forever / eternity (call to) "make a phone call"
3. thing / material / stuff
5. new
6. green
7. cookie
8. basket (cylinder), large canister, upright-tube, etc.
9. about (regarding)
10. back (as in the back of your body)



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