American Sign Language: "Lesson 60"

For video demonstrations of the sentences see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaiUspoSVXc&index=45&list=PL6akqFwEeSpgI1uukfFiKLCIQzP4nd2yx 
For a combined list of Level 4 sentences, see: [Level 4 Sentences List]

Practice Sheet 60.A
01. HEY INFORM-you SORENSON RECENT ANNOUNCE SPONSOR NEW COMPETE. (Hey, just letting you know that Sorenson Communications recently announced that they are sponsoring a new contest.)
02. COMPETE GOAL FOR-FOR? SAVE-retain PRECIOUS-[2-hands-"treasured"] HISTORY CULTURE THAT ASL STORY T-E-L-L-I-N-G! (The aim of the contest is to preserve the rich cultural heritage inherent in ASL storytelling.)
03. SORENSON INVITE DEAF PEOPLE OLD-18 MORE-THAN INVOLVE. (Sorenson invites Deaf people age 18 and up to participate.)
04. INVOLVE HOW? SEND ASL VIDEO YOUR FAVORITE J-O-K-E STORY RELATED-to YOURSELF DEAF PERSON. (How can you participate? Send a video of your favorite joke or story regarding some aspect of your experience as a Deaf person.)
05. CHOOSE-[pick/select-one-hand-version] WELL KNOW STORY YOU CAN ADD-to YOURSELF PERSPECTIVE [or] INTERPRETATION-of. (Pick a well known story. You can add your own perspective or interpretation.)

Practice Sheet 60.B
06. for-example-[SHOW-SHOW] YOU CAN SUBMIT DEAF TREE STORY. (For example you can submit the Deaf Tree story.)
07. or-[WELL/so] YOU CAN PICK POPULAR POEM (Or you can share a popular poem.)
08. WE MUST PASS-DOWN-thru-time DEAF THEIR STORY FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS. (We need to pass down our folklore to future generations of Deaf.)
09. RULE WHAT-rhet? YOU MUST YOURSELF DEAF [or] hard-of-hearing-[HH]. (What are the rules? You must be Deaf or hard-of-hearing.)
10. submit-[OFFER] LIMIT MAXIMUM FIVE-MINUTE. (Your submission is limited to a maximum of five minutes.)

Practice Sheet 60.C
11. TOP THREE VIDEO WIN P-R-I-Z-E. (The top three videos will win a prize.)
12. DEADLINE JUNE 13 or DEAD LINE JUNE 13. (The deadline is June 13th.)
13. SUPPOSE WANT KNOW MORE INFORMATION, CHECK THEIR website-[WWW]. (If you want to know more, check their website.)
14. GOOD-#LUCK! ("Good luck!" – Use a one handed good then spell LK with a forward movement.)
15. DEAF AWARENESS MONTH WHEN? (When is Deaf Awareness Month?) (Answer: September)

Practice Sheet 60.D
16. YOU KNOW ANY NEW TECHNOLOGY ASL SIGNS-[signing] YOU? (Do you know any signs for new technology?)
17. YOUR FAVORITE DEAF JOKE O-R STORY WHAT? (What is your favorite Deaf joke or story?)
18. YOU KNOW DEAF K-O-N-G TEASE YOU? (Do you know the Deaf King Kong joke?)
19. YOU LIKE INVENT STORY YOU? (Do you like to make up stories?)
20. YOU USE FACEBOOK YOU? (Are you on facebook?)


ADD-to | ANNOUNCE | ANY | APE | ASL | AWARENESS | CAN | CHECK | CHOOSE-[pick/select-one-hand-version] | contest-[COMPETE] | CULTURE | DEAD | DEADLINE | DEAF | FACEBOOK | FAVORITE | FIVE-MINUTE | FOR | for-example-[SHOW-SHOW] | FOR-FOR | FUTURE | GENERATIONS | GOAL | GOOD | HEY | HARD-of-HEARING | HISTORY | HOW-rhetorical | INFORMATION | INFORM-you | INTERPRETATION-of | INVENT | INVITE | INVOLVE | joke-TEASE | J-O-K-E | June-[J-U-N-E] | K-I-N-G | K-O-N-G | LIKE | LIMIT | LINE | L-U-C-K | MAXIMUM | MONTH | MORE | MORE-THAN | MUST | NEW | OLD-18 | O-R | or-[WELL/so] | PASS-DOWN-thru-time | PEOPLE | PERSON | PERSPECTIVE | PICK | POEM | POPULAR | PRECIOUS-[2-hands-"treasured"] | P-R-I-Z-E | RECENT | RELATED-to | RULE | SAVE-retain | SEND | SIGNS-[signing] | SORENSON | sponsor-SUPPORT | STORY | submit-[OFFER]-[one-handed-version] | SUPPOSE | TEASE | TECHNOLOGY | T-E-L-L-I-N-G | THAT-one | THEIR-own | TOP | TREE | USE-[one-handed-version] | video-[VIDEO-RECORD] | WANT | WE | WEBSITE | well-known-[W-E-L-L-KNOW] | WHAT | WHEN | WIN | YOU | YOUR | YOURSELF |


TRADITIONAL-[passed-down] is different from the initialized sign "TRADITION"-[habit]

DEAF THEIR+ (Note: The third-person possessive pronoun sign sometimes labeled “THERE” or “HIS/HER” when done with a repeated movement can be used to mean “their way of doing things,” “belonging to them.” If done with a strong, firm movement it can also mean “emphatically theirs” or “definitely theirs.”

FIVE-MINUTES-[can be done by combining the number 5 and a version of a the sign for minute]

FIVE MINUTES [as two separate signs first shows the number five and then does the regular sign for minute]

EVERY: There are many ways to sign the concept of “every.” Some people use a single movement. Some people use a double movement. Some people sign “every” one way for “everything” and another way when signing “everybody.” The concept of “every” is often simply incorporated in movement changes of “time signs”—for example “EVERY-MORNING.” Sometimes the concept of “every” is simply an aspect of a completely different sign. For example the sign “daily” means “everyday” and so we don’t need a separate sign for every to sign “everyday” we simply need to use the “DAILY” sign (which also can mean “regular” or even—in the case of a soft drink—“medium”).

HOSTED: The concept of hosted can be expressed via a variety of signs. Some people use the sign "TAKE-up / evaporate / adopt / hosted." Others use the sign SUPPORT/sponsor/advocate. Depending on the sentence you could even use "OFFER," "RESPONSIBLE," "ACTIVE/activity/action/do," or "HAVE" to mean "hosted." The term "host" can be either a verb or a noun. If it is a noun you can sometimes point off to the side and then sign "PERSON-[non-initialized] TAKE-up," "PERSON RESPONSIBLE," or "PERSON HE/SHE provide-[OFFER]."

USE: There are several common ways to sign "use." One of those ways is a one-handed version that moves in a small vertical circle in the air in the neutral/dominant signing space.

JOKE: Some people sign TEASE to mean "joke." Others prefer to spell J-O-K-E. It is good to know both versions.

KING-KONG: If a person asks you if you know the "DEAF APE" joke it probably means they are asking you if you know the "Deaf King Kong" joke. Watch the person's lips they may (or may not) mouth the words "King Kong" while signing "APE." Some people will do the sign for KING and then spell K-O-N-G. Others will just spell out both terms "K-I-N-G K-O-N-G."

AGE: Age can be expressed either as OLD-OLD [#] or it can be expressed by combining the number with the location and movement of the sign for OLD.

VIDEO: Lots of people just sign MOVIE to mean the noun form of "video."

WELL: The concept of "well" as in "well known" is often simply signed as "GOOD." Other people prefer to fingerspellspell: "W-E-L-L."

* Hat tip and gratitude to: Burdett, Ronald C. (April 2015), SVRS Messenger, Sorenson Communications, retrieved 27 July, 2015: http://www.sorensonvrs.com/april_2015