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American Sign Language: "class"

The sign for CLASS is a well established "initialized" sign.  By well established I mean that even though it is initialized it is widely accepted as the appropriate ASL sign for "class."  Check out the "FAMILY" page for similar signs.


CLASS:  As in, I can't wait to go to ASL class!"


To sign "classroom" just combine the signs "CLASS" and "ROOM"

Animated:  CLASSROOM:

Note: I need to fix the animation above it has two problems:
1. The "room" portion of the sign doesn't need the "R" hands.  Instead it can/should just use the "BOX" sign.
2. The "room" portion of the sign should start with the sides and end with the front/back walls.  

Does that mean it is "wrong" to sign "room" with "R" hands?  Well, I don't think it is "wrong," but during this day and age I wouldn't advise using the initialized version for an ASL test since many ASL instructors do think it is wrong. You will see the initialized ("R"-handshape) version of room show up on the hands of many Deaf people out in the "real" world.  That doesn't mean the "R"-handshape version is "ASL" -- it just means that many Deaf people have some Signed English versions of signs mixed into their everyday language use.

Note:  The sign for "CLASS" can also be used to mean things like "category" or "section."

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