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American Sign Language: "room"


The sign for "room" is the same as the sign for "box." Use flat hands to show the sides and then bent hands to show the front and back of the room or box.

ROOM (or "box" -- depending on context)

Note: The sign ROOM is based on the concept of "a box." Thus this sign can be interpreted as either "room" or "box" depending on context to make your meaning clear. 

There is also an initialized form of the sign ROOM that uses "R" handshapes, it is
not recommended. There is generally no need to ever initialize the the sign for "ROOM" with "R"-hands since context makes it clear what you mean.
The "R"-hands version is considered to be "Signed English."

The FLAT-hands into BENT-hands version of "room" also works better (slightly faster and easier to do) for compound signs such as: BEDROOM.

Also see: BOX

Also see: OFFICE

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