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GROUP: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "group"
Can also mean class, body, cohort, aggregation, collection, pack.

The sign for group is done by using curved-5-hands (or "loose claw hands"). Hold your hands up -- palms facing slightly forward. Move your hands forward as you twist the palms slightly backward. The movement should look as if you are sliding your hands around a ball.

Note: I sometimes refer to the above sign as the "CLUSTER" sign, but that is just me. It could also be labeled as "CATEGORY."


If for some reason you need to specifically indicate the English word "group" you can do so by initializing this sign with a "G."

GROUP (initialized "G" version)

Sample sentence: What is the name of the group of people who ate almost entirely fat, protein and a little bit of carbs and almost none of them had diabetes?



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