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Children of Deaf Adults (CODA)

Tracie Dowell

Both my parents are completely deaf and I am hearing. Growing up was pretty interesting as I was very immersed in the Deaf world yet tried to find my way in the hearing world. Now that I am an adult, I have tried to figure out where I fit in the working world and as luck would have it, I teach ASL as a foreign language at a local private school for hearing students. I think my mother always wanted me to pursue something related to ASL and I fought that idea for many years. Your website is a great reminder for me as to the beauty of the language and also how intricate it is. While I view it as being easy to learn, I also appreciate how hearing people with no experience with ASL struggle with issues such as dealing with some Deaf individuals who have grown bitter to hearing people.

 -- Tracie Dowell
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