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American Sign Language: "wash"

The right sign for "wash" depends on your concept.

The general sign for "wash" is made by closing both hands into "A" hands with your dominant hand on top. Make a circular "scrubbing" movement with the hand that is on top--as if washing something. The hand on the bottom doesn't move.

WASH (general sign)

Wash a car or a wall:

Memory aid:  "Wax on, wax off." Good thing you learned this sign, now you can defend yourself.
(If you don't get that joke, watch the ORIGINAL Karate Kid.  Yes, I'm that old.)

Wash a dish:
The dominant hand moves in a circle. The non-dominant hand represents the dish being washed.

Wash a load of laundry (clothes), or a "washing machine."  Both hands twist, return to their starting point and twist again. Think of loosening a jar, tightening it, and loosening it again.

The sign DIGEST is similar to the general version of the sign for WASH except that DIGEST tends to be done somewhat lower and more near the stomach.

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