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American Sign Language: "test"

The sign for "test" has several different "pronunciations."
Okay, in this situation "pronounce" means "articulate" which means "how you do" this sign.

There are several ways to "do" the "TEST" sign.  All of them focus on the idea of showing a type of "question mark."  This generally is based on starting with a straight index finger changing into an "x" finger while moving downward as if drawing a question mark in the air and then "dotting it."

A very common version of the sign TEST starts with index fingers straight, then bends them into "x" handshapes as the hands move downward. Then the hands change into palm-down "5" handshapes.


Sample sentence: Do you like true/false tests?

Another version of "TEST" starts with index fingers, moves the hand downward and changes into "x" hands, then changes back into straight index fingers and moves down a bit more while changing into "x" hands a second time. I use this version to mean "quiz" but it is common to see it used to mean "test."


Realistically though, there is a strong chance your local instructor will just spell Q-U-I-Z.

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