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American Sign Language: "like" (as in: "I like it!") (the emotion of liking)

Note, this sign doesn't mean "similar" or "same as."  Instead see: SAME

The sign LIKE is used to mean "to enjoy or have an affinity for" someone or something. 
As in: "I like it."

LIKE (version) 



 In the above sequence, the first picture is optional.  Most of the time I start the sign a bit out from my chest with my middle finger and thumb pointing back toward my chest (but not touching either my chest or each other).  Then I move the hand forward while bringing the index and thumb together.

The sign "LIKE" ends up in an "8" hand shape.  This is how it looks from the signer's viewpoint at the end of the sign:


Another way to sign "like" is by placing both your right thumb and your index finger close to your chest. Extend your other fingers. As you move your hand forward slightly, bring your thumb and index finger together. 

LIKE (variation) (not recommended)


Now, let's suppose I were signing the sentence, "What do you like?" Notice the wh-facial expression in the following example:

The sign for "don't-LIKE" uses what is called "reversal of orientation for negation."


Also see: don't-LIKE


Question: A student asked: "I saw a sign that looked like "LIKE" but that used both hands?"
Dr Bill responds:  That would mean "interested" or "appreciate." See: INTERESTED

Question: A student asked:  How do you sign "like" as in, "She is like me,"?
Dr Bill responds:  You use the sign for SAME.  If you mean LIKE as in, "similar" as in the following sentence:
"This one is like/similar to that one," -- you should use a sign that means "same."  See:"SAME."


LIKE: "for example"
If you mean "like" as in "for example" then use the sign "SHOW."
The English word "like" has several meanings. When paired with the word "what" as in the question "Like what?" the word "like" can mean, "for example."  The ASL sign "SHOW" can be used to mean "for example."  See: SHOW 

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