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Hello ASL Heroes!
Some of you have written to ask, "Where did those great videos go?!?"
No worries.  The videos (for lessons 1 through 15) are still available for free!  They were using using up massive bandwidth on my server so I looked into alternatives and decided to post them to "" and embed them back into my lessons here at  For example visit "Lesson 01" and you will note in the upper right hand corner there is an embedded video of me teaching "Lesson 1" to an actual student (Katelyn) one-on-one.  Recommended study process: 1st study the individual vocabulary links on the lesson pages. Then click on the sentence links and review the sentences. Then watch the videos.  Note: The videos have no sound. I teach using an immersion approach ("no-voice").
-- Dr. Bill

p.s. Some of you have emailed to ask, "Are there any videos for level 2?
Yes. I use them as a fundraiser though (to help support this website and keep it running).
The videos for "Level 2" (Lessons 16 - 30) are on the ASL Superdisk in the "Bookstore."  See: Superdisk.

Also, the Lesson 16 through 30 videos are available for download from:  HERE ("Sellfy" download service)
. ($19.95) Note: The download is quite substantial (900MB) so recommend you start the download before bed and do it "overnight." The file unzips into a folder with 15 videos that display in any web browser capable of displaying Flash formatted videos. 


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