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Question: Abigale writes:
How do I get a private lesson with you, or are you not doing those anymore because of the Corona virus?


Hello Abigale!
I'm generally not doing any new one-on-one work until the pandemic is over -- and even then any one-on-one work will typically only be to cover new topics or work on passion projects. (By passion projects I mean projects that I personally feel excited and passionate about.)

Zoom-based training typically results in low video quality of 1280 by 720 resolution and occasional video lags as well as other issues that do not allow for creation of videos that I would want to use in future products or projects.

On a personal level, instead of trading my time for money doing one-on-one tutoring -- I would rather invest an hour building curriculum or web pages that I can give away free that will be of benefit to society

While I very much enjoy teaching anyone pretty much anywhere / anytime -- doing one-on-one tutoring takes time away from scalable / cloneable projects that can be posted for thousands to see and enjoy (instead of just one person).

If I spend time tutoring a beginner I benefit only that one person. If I spend that same half-hour building a video or online resource (covering a new or advanced topic) and post it publicly -- it has the potential to help many people -- ranging from several thousand to (in the case of some of my more popular videos) millions of viewers.

Oh sure, there is a price-point at which I can become as excited about trading my time for money as I can about working on passion projects -- but that price point is commensurate with what you would expect charged by someone with a doctorate degree, decades of experience, and lots of fun projects competing for available time.

If a person has the funds to do so and is seriously interested in hiring me away from such projects they are welcome to bid for my time. My email address can be found on my contact page (listed in the information below).

Warm regards,
- Dr. Bill

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Dr. Bill,
I was wondering if you offered any paid personal lessons or one on one teachings via skype, zoom, or any other video chat platforms?

- Mia
[Names may be changed to respect the person's privacy]

Dear Mia,

Thank you for your interest. While I very much enjoy teaching anyone / anywhere / anytime -- the simple fact is doing one-on-one tutoring is not a "highest and best" use of my time. It takes time away from scalable / cloneable (or "clonable" = able to be cloned) projects that can be posted for thousands to see and benefit.

If I spend a half hour with a beginner I benefit only that one person. If I spend that same half-hour building a video or online resource (covering an advanced topic I haven't already covered) and post it publicly -- it has the potential to help many people -- ranging from several thousand to (in the case of some of my more popular videos) millions.

However, I certainly do understand the desire for personal connection, interaction, and feedback. I have set up a private Facebook group for ASLU students to connect with each other for practice or to ask questions. The group is at:
Note: To be accepted into the group you must read and agree to the rules. You must also answer two questions. If you apply and don't answer the questions the moderators delete your application. The rules help insure the group is of high quality.

You can even ask the group to refer you to Deaf tutors who enjoy tutoring others one-on-one (for a reasonable sum).

Occasionally I do semi-private 3-day hyper-immersions for groups of 8 to 10 at a cost of $995.00 per participant – however the stars and my schedule have to align just right.  I do have one of those semi-scheduled for January (2021--  but chances are it will be “cancelled” due to the ongoing pandemic -- will see).  I do keep an interest list though for those times when I host such immersions.  More info at:
Warm regards to you,
-  Dr. Bill

I would like to know what your fee is for a 15 minute session? Just conversation to help me with my skills.

At this time I am generally unavailable for one-on-one training sessions either in-person or via video chat.

I prefer to use my time to build resources for ASL University that can / will reach an audience of thousands rather than an audience of “one.”

When I do one-on-one training it is generally as part of a hyper-immersion lasting one-week at a tuition of $2,995.00 (For information regarding hyper-immersions, see:

However, in regard to one-on-one signing practice – I do have advanced student-assistants who are available to practice signing at a price of $40 per half-hour with a minimum 5-hour up-front $400 payment and a once-a-week (or more) schedule. If the signing practice assistant (SPA) misses a session they owe you that session plus an additional free session. If you miss a session you lose that session. (That way the participants have “skin in the game” and don’t cancel whenever they feel like it).

If you would like to proceed with one-on-one practice via ASLU you may email me at billvicars (at) AOL (dot) com and include:
First name / Last name
1st preferred availability meeting time: 
2nd preferred availability meeting time:
3rd prferred availability meeting time:
[For example: Mondays at 10:00AM]
Plus any other details you feel might be helpful to the process.

After you email me your availability, go to and submit a $100 deposit (since I hate wasting my time setting up tutoring and then the tutee bails). Then within two weeks I'll either link you up with a SPA or I'll refund your $100 minus any processing fee's charged by Paypal.








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