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Does "Dr. Bill" provide one-on-one or "small group" training via video chat?

Dr. Bill,
I was wondering if you offered any paid personal lessons or one on one teachings via skype, zoom, or any other video chat platforms?

- Mia
[Names may be changed to respect the person's privacy]

Dear Mia,
I occasionally provide zoom-based (teleconference) training -- but I have to charge "professional workshop presenter" level fees in order to feel good about taking time away from family and/or projects that can be posted for thousands to see. Meaning? If I spend a half hour with a "beginner" (doing the equivalent of a surgeon putting on a band-aid) I benefit only one person. If I spend that same half-hour building a video or online resource it will help several thousand people.
Instead I set up a Facebook group for ASLU students to connect with each other for practice or questions.
and put out your request there that you would appreciate an advanced signer contacting you to arrange for a "group" visit. You might get lucky. Otherwise you can ask that group to refer you to the group that has Deaf tutors who tutor others for a reasonable sum.

Warm regards to you,
- Dr. Bill
William G. Vicars Ed.D.





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