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American Sign Language: ASL Immersion: "hyper-immersion"

:  Dr. Bill's "ASL Hyper-Immersion."


Includes:  One-week of daily immersion interactions with skilled signers, pick up and drop off at the airport. If you choose the Amusement Park option then your tuition includes transportation by van (or similar) from Sacramento to a theme park, and one all-day pass to the theme park.

: If you are interested in one of Dr. Bill's hyper-immersions you can become the "sponsor" and have the immersion customized to your specific preferences.  The "sponsor" is the first person or "anchor" person who commits to any particular immersion week AND pays a non-refundable deposit to get the ball rolling. The immersion is then designed around that person and their needs / wants. After it is all set up a limited number of other learners are invited to participate.  Cohorts tend to be between six and eight students but can be as small as "one person" (the sponsor).  For example "The "Amusement Park" aspect of this immersion is highly recommended but totally optional (for the sponsor).

Doesn't include:  Local transportation, lodging, and meals.  Pick a place that fits your preferences (near my place in the 95826 zip code or near Sacramento State University, 95819). If you decide you want to select the "amusement park" option then you only need to pay for lodging in the 95826 zip code for four nights. I'll cover the cost of the lodging in a hotel near whatever theme park for two nights. At the amusement park we tend to pack the room or suite with several other participants (of the same gender) to encourage signing and keep costs down (or you can pay for your own private room if you prefer).  If you don't want the amusement park option then schedule a local hotel / motel for all six nights.

Required:  Liability release form. (Or else I'd have to get expensive insurance. We haven't had an accident in 20 years though. Yay!)

When:  Reasonably flexible. Summers are generally pretty good. Spring break (around last week in March) is good.  Strangely enough Thanksgiving week works well. Second week in January is great. Candidates should choose a couple of different weeks that work well for them and we negotiate and find a mutually convenient week.  *Note: I'm currently on sabbatical Spring 2020 -- so even though I'm "always" busy -- I get to choose my schedule so I'm rather flexible regarding "when" I'm available for the next few months.

Questions and Answers:

Question: Dr. Bill, have you done immersions like this before?
Answer Yes, many times, for over 20 years.  I've also done Disneyland immersions before -- numerous times (once a year for over 10 years). Plus I've done no-voice excursion group trips to lots of other theme parks—typically "3-day" events.”   I've done week-long boot-camps up in the mountains (Grover Hot Springs near Lake Tahoe). I've done many annual 2-week long 9AM to 9PM immersions (summer boot camps) each in a college setting (for California State University, Sacramento). Those were called “Summer of Sign Immersions.” The point is I’ve done everything from ASL hikes to tightly organized college-credit events.  These days I prefer to do occasional hyper-immersions and only as long as I find them personally rewarding and if they fit my schedule.

Question: I want to do this, how do I make it happen?
Answer: Visit my contact page for my email address and then email me, tell me a bit about yourself, and suggest various weeks that would work for you.  If we can make it work, I'll have you put down a deposit and you'll be the anchor for the event.  At that point I'll set it up and put together the instructional team and officially set up the "event." 


Sponsor checklist:

___  Negotiate a week that works for both you and Dr. Bill

___  Secure your sponsorship with a $1,000 deposit (and/or just pay the whole amount).  Send a check or use the "sending money to a friend" option via

___ Get your plane ticket (if you are flying in).  There is a car rental place at the airport for your convenience.

___ Decide if you want the Amusement park option, if so rent a hotel in the 95819 or 95826 zip code area for Sunday through Thursday evening.  If you don't want the amusement park option rent the hotel from Sunday through Saturday evening.

___ Rent a car. If you choose the Amusement park option rent it from Sunday to Friday morning, otherwise Sunday through Sunday. Or if you prefer Uber or Lyft there are plenty of drivers here in the Sacramento area.

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