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American Sign Language: "Grammar" (10)

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ME vs MY:


I/ME vs MY:  Often in ASL it doesn't matter if you use the sign "I/ME" (which is sometimes referred to in the literature as "IX-Pro-1" or "INDEX-PRO-1" or similar -- which means use your index finger to show the first person pronoun -- which in turn simply means "I" or "me.") 

For example "I/ME NAME BILL" means virtually the same as "MY NAME BILL" simply because "I am named Bill" means roughly the same as "My name is Bill."  

However if you wanted to say something to the effect of, "My teacher is over there" you would do well to use the MY sign instead of the "I/ME" sign.  If you use the I/ME sign that sentence instead means more to the effect of, "I am a teacher there."




See: MY
See: ME


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