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Hello Dr. Bill

I have seen on your fabulous website that you do recommend books to your students and readers.

I hope you'll find this set of books worthy of some of your time.

A couple of years ago I did already communicate with someone of your team, John Feagans. That was at the time when I was struggling to find someone with authority to check, correct & approve my illustrated American sign language alphabet chart. It was to be (and is) published with a Creative Commons non-commercial license and it was imperative to
me to make sure the material is correct prior to making it available.

Dr. Bienvenue from Gallaudet University came back to me with a keen eye and some suggestions for improvement slightly before John Feagans contacted me (and approved of the suggestions from Dr. Bienvenue). I never added your name to the list of reviewers because I was not sure if you had actually seen the material.

By the way, it is free and you can download and use it if you like. Then again, I know you have your own material. :)

I desperately need to finance this project a bit better and stop taking funds out of my retirement account, so I am stocking my Zazzle shop (will close the cafepress shop because of quality issues) and I found me a publisher willing to try out word search books for the ASL alphabet.

It was a lot of work to set these books up. Much, much more than I thought it would be.

I developed a special set of handshapes just for this project.  Unfortunately, the publisher insisted on exclusivity for the handshapes for the next 10 years minimum. That was his condition to take on the books. I can make merchandising material, but I cannot license the handshapes out to other companies or give them out for free download.

Now I am praying this will work out financially in a way to allow me to proceed with I am just now finding ways to communicate with organizations in Africa and South America. It took so long to gain trust. It would just be a shame to stop now. And advertisement is just not the right way to go with
There is too much politics going on already. A very slippery road. So I rather stay neutral and try to make some money with merchandising.

My biggest issue is that no one knows of the ASL word search books and so I am reaching out to well know personalities in the world of ASL, like you, and hoping for an endorsement.

I would gladly send you a free set of books if you think this might be
of interest to you and your community.


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