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American Sign Language:  How to find an ASL class in your area

: How can I get started learning ASL?

Check with your local college and see if they offer any classes through "open enrollment" that don't require matriculation.  ("Matriculation" means "becoming a full student.)

Look around for any community-based education organizations.

Call the "night-school" director of your local school district and ask about classes.

Check with your state's division of services to the deaf.

If you are the religious type, check with your church for deaf outreach services.

Each time you contact one of the above organizations, if they don't offer a class, ask them, "Where can I find a class?"  Also ask, "Would you please look into offering a class?"  Encourage them to, "Advertise for an instructor and then try offering the class one time to see how many show up.  Then if lots of people show up, consider offering the class on a regular basis."

In the search bar type the name of your city, the phrase "sign language" (in quotes) and the word "register."

In addition to using this site, try your local library's audio/visual department. Ask the librarian about videos and books that teach sign language.

[For a longer list see: "How to find a sign language class."]


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