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Interpreting Shakespeare

By Lynda Park
(Your Interpreting Maven)

Interpreting Shakespeare! That's a loaded subject. How you approach it depends on whether you are referring to interpreting the language form itself, or if you are interpreting the meaning of Shakespeare. If this is a college level class, you need to consider the teacher's intent for the students. It would be very challenging to do a word for word translation. Most likely, the teacher would guide the students through the metaphors and semantics, etc., making your job a bit easier. Prior knowledge and preparation is always helpful, and would be especially useful for interpreting Shakespeare. Cliffs notes would be a big help. Hey, how about renting the movie on a Saturday night before the class gets in deep? One fellow interpreter suggested the interpreter keep in mind the entire concept is not finished when the sentence ends; continue to listen for meaning. Without knowing your environment, I would suggest there be a balance between the language and the meaning.

~Lynda Park

From: "Julie M"
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 18:54:04 -0600

thanks again for your swift reply Lynda.  it is fun to hear from you and to receive your much welcomed input.  i will certainly discuss with the professor what he means to accomplish with all the Shakespeare literature.  he is an intense fellow and i enjoy interpreting for him even though it is a real challenge for me.  i can imagine for my deaf student how hard it is for her to follow.  i admire that.  someone else mentioned cliff notes, so i will keep all this advice in my mind.  thanks so much...


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