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ASL: "uncanny"

The word "uncanny" has quite a few interpretations depending on your exact meaning.
If you mean "strange" then use the sign for "STRANGE."

"Uncanny Resemblance."

According to Neil Turner in a "Quora" comment: "The phrase ["uncanny resemblance"] used about two objects, quite often people, looking so similar that it feels as though there should be an unnatural or supernatural reason for it. You probably should not use [the phrase] to describe identical twins, since the resemblance is entirely expected and explained by genetics. It is more likely to be used of a so-called doppelganger, a person who so resembles someone else unrelated that it seems there must be some other-worldly explanation." 
Source: Turner, N. (11/17/2016), "What does the phrase 'the resemblance is uncanny' mean?" Quora, retrieved 2019-07-08 from  

If by "uncanny resemblance" you mean that two things have an amazingly strong resemblance then you could use a combination of LOOK-STRONG + TERRIBLE-[1h-version / used as an intensifier] + [context].

If you mean that two things have such a strong resemblance that it seems unnatural you might want to add that GOOSEBUMPS sign. See: Goosebumps:

You could match the concept to one of the dozens of other signs that you could use to mean "uncanny" (STRANGE, WEIRD, SEEM IMPOSSIBLE, SHOCKED, JAW DROP, WHIPLASH, etc.) -- depending on exactly what you mean.
Consider the difference between:
1. There is an uncanny resemblance.
2. The resemblance is uncanny!
There are many shades of meaning that could include: strong, can't explain it, spooky, shocking, etc. Each meaning might best be signed using a different combination of signs or different inflections of particular signs.

See: Intense:





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