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American Sign Language: "strange"

STRANGE / odd / unusual / bizarre:

Sample sentence: "Do you like try strange new food?" = FOOD, STRANGE NEW, YOU LIKE EAT?



STRANGER:  The English concept of "stranger" (as in an unknown person) doesn't have a directly equivalent sign in ASL.
Some people sign "STRANGE + PERSON/AGENT" to mean "stranger."
I don't really recommend that approach, but if you do decide to use the signs STRANGE and PERSON to mean to mean "someone you don't know" then you'll want to do a more mild facial expression. If you are referring to some new weirdo stalking you, then by all means, go ahead and use the "strange" sign and facial expression.

However, I think it would be good to understand that most of the time the concept of "stranger" would be conveyed through a different set of signs. For example:


Another way to express the concept of "stranger" (as in someone that you don't know) is by signing "NEW + AGENT."

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