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TRUCK: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "truck"




Most of the time native, adult, Deaf people (active in the Deaf community) just spell T-R-U-C-K.

I've noticed though that the handshape of the "C" tends to mutate a bit when spelling T-R-U-C-K.  The "C" in TRUCK tends to use just the thumb, index finger, and middle, finger. Here is an example of the modified C:



Sample sentence: YOU PREFER CAR OR-[bodyshift] TRUCK?


Note: I used the iconic version of "CAR" in the above example, but you will often very likely also see the word "car" spelled out, (C-A-R).



TRUCK [Verb Form] "Driving a large truck or bus."

Here is a good version to use while telling a story and you want to show the driving of a truck, as in, "He was driving along..."



"English" version.  NOT recommended.
Those of you studying ASL, please don't get all riled about this next version of the sign "truck."  Some people will say, "tsk, tsk, that's English."  (Meaning that it is an "invented Signed English" sign.)   I'm listing it here because any serious student of ASL would want to at least be aware of this variation -- so that he or she will recognize it when it is inevitably signed by some Deaf person somewhere. It is done by whacking two "T" hands together twice quickly. The dominant hand moves a bit more than the non-dominant hand.

TRUCK (not recommended) (Not ASL) (initialized version / Signed English)




Also see: CAR

Also see: DRIVE


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