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American Sign Language:  "bus"

Recommended version:  Just spell B-U-S, (very quickly).

To sign "bus driver" combine the concepts B-U-S+DRIVE+PERSON-agent.

Use a "bent V" and move it backward twice.

Memory aide: Try to imagine in the old days (and in some places still?) the cord that went along the ceiling of a bus.  If you wanted to get off the bus you reached up and pulled on that cord which rang a bell to alert the driver that you wanted to get off the bus.

Note: Some people in the Sacramento, California area use this sign or a "one fingered" version of this sign to mean "light rail."

Sign: BUS-(driving) [VERB form]
The verb "bus" is done by miming the driving of a bus.  Hold on to a very big steering wheel, puff your cheeks out slightly, and turn the wheel back and forth a couple times.  This version tends to show up in stories after you have identified the bus and are indicating how the bus is being driven.

A student (pdunn718) writes:
Hope all is well!
A quick question if you have NYC I've seen "bus" signed with two "B" hands, hitting one on top of the other. vertically.. in other words, not clapping palm-to-palm or palm-to-front-of-hand, but so that the index finger of the bottom B hits against the pinky of the top B.
Ever seen this before? Is this an ESL sign?
Dear Pdunn,
Your "two B hands" version is indeed an example of "Signed English."
It is quite to see various versions of vehicles done by using the initial of the English word as the handshapes for the sign. While I think it is good to recognize those versions when you see them, I don't recommend you do those versions on an ASL test.
Dr. Bill

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