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TIE: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "tie"

Necktie:  Use an "H" handshape to show how a tie hangs from your neck.



Sample sentence: How many ties do you have?





Note: Some people also use this sign (in context) to mean "tuxedo."


A variation for a large BOW-TIE could be signed as:


If you mean "tie" and in the contest was a tie or that the result was equal, then use the sign for "EQUAL"



TIE-(a knot)
If you mean "tie a knot" then just mime the tying of whatever type of knot to which you are referring.



Or this sign can also be idiomatic meaning to TIE UP or WRAP UP a conversation.


If you want to express the concept of TIE the KNOT as in "marriage, to marry" you could sign:



Question: A student asks:
My name is Nichole. I have a question if there is a sign for tie, as in tie your shoes? I see the sign for a neck tie and bow tie but nothing for tie shoes. I work with a few folks who are deaf or hard of hearing and one gentleman's shoes are coming untied frequently and would like to sign instead of just pointing at his shoes.
Thank you,

To sign "tie" as in "to tie a knot" just mime or depict the act of tying a knot.
There is no need to bend over or do anything elaborate. You can just point at someone's shoes or sign SHOES and do the TIE-a-knot sign.


or another variation to show how to tie shoes is:


Notes:  See: MARRIAGE



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