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SHOES: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "shoes"

he sign for "shoes" is made by closing both hands and whacking them together twice:


Do it gently eh? No need to hurt yourself.



If you wanted to discuss "sandals" one way to convey that concept is:



If you were referring to "shoe laces" or "shoe strings" a common way to sign that is:


If you wanted to show the concept of "tie shoes" one way to express that concept:



If you were discussing "shoe polish" a common way to sign that is by signing "SHOE" and fingerspelling "POLISH":


Sample sentence: I should polish my shoes but I can't because I have no polish.




If you are talking about a person's behavior "goody-goody / goody two-shoes" a common sign used is:



Sample sentence: What size shoe do you wear?







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