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American Sign Language:  "clothes"

The sign for clothes uses a double movement.
You move the "five" hands downward along your body.  The sign starts with the tips of your thumbs about an inch out from your chest.  As you move the sign downward, you typically touch your thumbtips to your chest where they drag for an inch or two before losing contact as you continue to move your hands on down. 
Note: You don't "have to" actually make contact. 
You do the motion twice.  The movement is quick. Sort of as if you had a piece of lint on your shirt and were brushing it off with the tip of your thumb.  


Note:  If you do this sign with a single large exaggerated downward movement, it means "DRESS" or "GOWN."  

DRESS: The sign for "a dress" uses the "5 handshape on each hand." The sign starts at the upper chest (either very close to the body or actually touching the upper chest area with your thumbs). Use a downward brushing movement as if showing the way a dress hangs on your body.

Note:  If you do the sign for "DRESS" (single movement) starting from your waist or hips it would mean SKIRT.  The sign for SKIRT uses contact with the heels of your hands rather than the thumbtips.

SKIRT:  Hold your hands in a "5-handshape" near your waist and move them downward and outward a bit. Use a single movement.


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