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STATE: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "state"

To sign "state" as in, "the U.S. has 50 states," touch the side of an "S" hand to your left palm and then use a small arc to move the "S" hand to the lower part of palm.








If you are referring to STATE as in "a state of shock" or "in an excited state" one way to sign is:



If you mean STATE as in "comment, assert, or articulate" you could sign:









If you want to convey STATEMENT, here are some options:


statement-[title / topic / phrase / QUOTE]:


LANGUAGE / sentence / statement / string of words / line of words:


If you are more specifically referring to a "bank statement" you can sign:


statement / PAPER:




Note: Some states and cities have signs others you fingerspell.


Alabama:  Fingerspell "ALA"

Alaska: Fingerspell "Alaska" or do the "fur around face" sign.




ALASKA-[advanced/casual version]:

Arizona: Fingerspell "Arizona" or do the "A" at the corners of the mouth sign.



Fingerspell "ARK" 

California:  ILY-hand index fingertip to earlobe swing once into a "Y"-hand.

Colorado:  Do a "C" arc on the forearm or sign [COLOR and spell "do" or "ado"] or spell Fingerspell "Colorado" (Some people just spell "COLO" but that feels weird to me.)


COLOR + DO-[version]:


Connecticut:  CONN



Delaware:  DEL




Florida:  FLA


Georgia:  GA


Hawaii:  Spell or H-FACE or FACE




HAWAII-[non-initialized-version] / face / looks:


Idaho:  Spell or "potato"




Illinois:  Spell ILL but it ends up looking like ILY sign.





Indiana:  IND  (Using a bit of a bounce)





Iowa:  Spell



Kansas: Spell, or KAN-(some-people-sign), KS






Kentucky:  KY



Louisiana:  L sideways movement into an "A"



Maine:  Spell or sign "profit"




Maryland:  MD


Massachusetts: MASS 



Michigan:  MICH



Minnesota:  MINN



Mississippi:  MISS



Missouri:  sideways-M into an O

Montana: spell or sign MUSEUM



MONTANA-[museum version]:




Nebraska:  NEB

Nevada: spell or NEV




New Hampshire: NH



New Jersey:  NJ



New Mexico:  NM



New York:  palm-down-Y sliding on non-dominant-palm




NEW YORK-[one-movement-version]:

North Carolina: NC



North Dakota:  ND (with a modified D)



Ohio: Spell



Oklahoma:  OKLA-(lexicalized with a bit of a clockwise arc from the signer perspective)



Oregon:  Spell or circle an O in the air.





OREGON-[shoulder version / not recommended]:


Pennsylvania:  sideways-P changes into an "A"



Rhode Island:  RI



South Carolina: SC



South Dakota: SD with a modified D



Tennessee:  TENN



Texas:  X moves in a "7 path" (draw a 7 in the air with an X-hand)


Utah:  Spell



Vermont:  VT



Virginia:  VA



Washington:  W moves forward off of the shoulder 


West Virginia:  Sign WEST then VA.  Note: Some people move the W to the right.




Wisconsin:  WIS or WISC




Wyoming:  WYO (a bit lexicalized with a dip on the Y)




United States Territories:


Washington, DC


Puerto Rico




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