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American Sign Language:  "Arizona"

To do the sign for "Arizona," touch the thumb of your dominant "A" hand to one side and then the other side of the chin. Since I'm right handed I start on the right side of my chin.  Note: You don't have to touch the chin. You can just put the hand up close to each side of the chin.  Also, I tend to do a slight downward movement on each side of the chin.



Many people do the sign Arizona by using two downward strokes to either side of the chin. 
The faster a person is signing, the less likely you'll see such large movements in this sign.  Since Byron is "modeling" the sign in isolation he is doing it with big, careful movements. If he were to use ARIZONA in a sentence while signing quickly, the movement would be much smaller.


Model: Byron Cantrell (Native Deaf, Deaf School/Georgia, Deaf wife, Deaf kids, long-time ASL instructor.)

(Byron Cantrell)

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