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numbers 11-20

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# 11:

# 12:

# 13:

# 14:  tuck the thumb in

# 15:

Here is a view from behind as if you were looking down at your own hand:
Note:  The number 15 is done palm back just like numbers 11-14.  I'm just showing it from behind here so you can see the thumb placement.

Numbers16-19 start palm back and twist forward twice.  Some people so a combination of 10+6, 10+7, 10+8, and 10+9 to show 16 through 19.  I prefer to hold the 6 facing backward then twist it forward twice. (Same for 17 -19).

# 16:

# 17:

# 18: 

# 19:

# 20:

Questions and answers about numbers 11-20:

Nicola: When signing 11, do you just move the index finger up once, or twice?
Bill: I do it twice. But you will see it done with the "single movement" when it is part of compounds such as "11 years old" (OLD-11) and/or "11:00 o'clock" (TIME-11).

Nicola: I don't understand how to do # 16 and on. Do I move my right or my left hand. That's my only trouble.

Bill: You only move your dominant hand.  Numbers 1 through 999 all use just one hand.
Numbers change from region to region so check with your local deaf person. The number 16 - 19 can be done a couple different ways. You use your right hand if you are right handed.

Bill: Let me go over 16 and up. There are generally two ways to do these numbers.
Method 1: Twist method  For example to sign "16" take the number six, starting palm backward, twist it forward twice in a small quick motion, ending with the palm mostly outward (toward the watcher).
It is the same with 17 - 19. (For 17 you would "twist" the number 7. Eighteen would use an 8, and nineteen would use a "9.")
Method 2:  "Ten plus the number" method:  To sign "16" you make a ten and then a six (using the same hand.

Nicola: Okay, thanks!

The number 20 looks like the letter g with the index and thumb closing together a couple times.

11-15 use a palm back position

BillVicars: Do you know the sign for "understand"?

Scoots55: touch the forehead with a index finger and snap out...something like that

BillVicars: Right okay, (some people touch the forehead with the back of the thumbnail of the right hand just before they flick the index finger up...some don't actually touch--they just hold the cocked finger near the forehead.)

This sign is similar to the handshape and movement (but not the location) for the sign 11.
I cock the tip of my index on the tip of my thumb and then flick the index upward, the palm is back toward me. You do the flick twice--that means "eleven."
For twelve you flick both the index and middle finger. Remember palm back toward you
near your belly
about a foot out from your body
(hmm not as low as your belly more like your rib cage.)
anyway now do 12
now stick the thumb out to the side
with the index and middle still pointing up in the air
the ring and pinkie tucked in
bend the index and middle back toward you twice
that is thirteen.
now tuck the thumb into the palm
Scoots55: like "three"
BillVicars: Thirteen is indeed a palm-back three that bends the index and middle at the large knuckles a couple times.
When I do it my index and middle "stick together" like the letter "U"
Fourteen tucks the thumb in and sticks all four fingers up, (palm back)
and bends the straight fingers back from the large knuckels.
with a double motion.
now 15
stick the thumb out like you did on #13
and keep all four fingers up like in #14
bend the fingers back again using the same motion as in 13 and 14.
and viola you have it.

Numbers 1-10  /  11-20  /  21-30  /  31-40  /  100-900  / 1000 and up  /  Fractions 

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