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American Sign Language:  "lunch"


There are a few versions of this sign.  Two of the most popular are:
1.  A compound version (EAT + NOON)
2.  An initialized version, ("L" handshape using the movement and position of "EAT.")

LUNCH (compound version)

As with most compounds, the sign "noon" in the video has been modified a bit.
Below I'll show you the "full" version, but honestly, lifting the elbow all the way up there is a lot of extra work just for lunch.

Sample sentence:
TOMORROW EAT NOON, YOU WANT SOUP AND SALAD? (Would you like soup and salad for lunch tomorrow?)


LUNCH  (initialized version)
There are two versions of the initialized version.  You can either use a slight rotational movement, like slurping soup from a bowl held near your mouth. Or you can use forward and back motion, (like putting food in your mouth).  In the "forward and back version" the thumb can touch the lips, (but it doesn't have to).

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