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American Sign Language: "store"

The sign for "store" is made by bending both wrists and pointing both hands down.  Pivot both of your hands forward (away from your body) twice.  In general the double movement makes this sign a noun.   If you use a single motion, this sign means "sell."  I've noticed though, that quite a few signers use the single motion to mean "store" and use the double motion to mean, "selling."  This is opposite the "noun/verb pair" principle.  So, even though I still teach that the "right" way to sign "store" (with a double motion), I also encourage you to be flexible in the "real world."

The fingertips swing forward and back a couple times. The thumbs are touching the fingers as if you were holding a piece of paper.


"What is your favorite store?" = YOUR FAVORITE STORE, WHAT?

See: The myth of "STORE, I GO."

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