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STORE: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "store"

There are different ways to sign the word "store" depending on your meaning. 

If you mean "store" as in retail establishment selling items to the public you can use the sign we often just label as "STORE." Perhaps a better label would be: STORE-[retail-establishment]

The sign for "store" (as in a place that sells things) is made by forming both hands into flattened-O shapes (as if you were holding a sheet of paper) with the hands pointing downward.
Pivot both of your hands forward (away from your body) twice.

The fingertips swing forward and back a couple times. The thumbs are touching the fingers as if you were holding a piece of paper.





In general the double movement makes this sign a noun.   If you use a single motion, this sign means "sell."  I've noticed though, that quite a few signers use the single motion to mean "store" and use the double motion to mean, "selling."  This is opposite the "noun/verb pair" principle.  So, even though I still teach that the "right" way to sign "store" (with a double motion), I also encourage you to be flexible in the "real world."



"What is your favorite store?" = YOUR FAVORITE STORE, WHAT?



If you mean "store" as in "storage" then use the version of "save" that means "to store" (as in storage).




If you want to show the layout of the store, such as the store aisles there are many variations, here is two:


Store aisles-[depiction]-version 1:


Store aisles-[depiction]-version 2:



Types of stores:




Pharmacy (MEDICINE + STORE):


Grocery store (FOOD + STORE):



Not required reading for a basic ASL class but if you are interested in reading about ASL grammar then see:  The myth of "STORE, I GO."





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