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American Sign Language:  "FIRE-flame" vs "FIRE-terminate"  (see below)

First of all, what do you mean?  Do you mean "fire" as in "lose your job"? Or do you mean fire as in "liar, liar, pants on fire"? 

If you mean "fired" as in "
lose your job" the do the "terminate from employment" sign.


Memory Aid:  It is not hard to imagine that this sign is based on the idea of grabbing someone's neck and chopping off their head.  (Hey, I didn't come up with this sign, I'm just showing it to you!)

Note: You might also see the above sign done with an "E" handshape (palm up) on the dominant hand to mean "excommunicate."

Another version of "fire" as in "lose job" uses an index finger on the non-dominant hand (instead of a fist).

FIRE-terminate (version 2) 


This is an "initialized version" that uses the letter "F."  While I don't recommend using it, you just might see this version from time to time. 

FIRE-terminate (version) (not recommended)


If you mean fire as in flames and campfires etc. then use "5"-handshapes. Wiggle the fingers and alternate moving your hands up and down a couple times.

FIRE / flame / burning:

PC users, see:
Video Clip (.wmv format) animation of "FIRE"


FIRE:  As in "burn up."
In this version the hands do not alternate moving up and down, they start at the bottom and go up.


Also see: FIREMAN

Also see: INSPIRE

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