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ASL: "firefighter"

There is quite a bit of variation in the Deaf community regarding the sign for FIREMAN but most versions seem to be based on the cool hats.
ASL instructors need cool hats.  I'm jealous.


There are many who feel that the label fireman is outdated and best replaced with the term "firefighter."
Thus I encourage you to go visit the "firefighter" page instead: 

The nice thing though is that the main version of the sign "firefighter" is gender free.

 FIREFIGHTER (formerly "fireman")
Memory aid: Think of the big red hats that firemen (sometimes) wear.
This sign generally uses a slight double motion. 
Tap the back of the hand on your forehead.  Most folks do the tap twice but in a sentence you might only see a single movement.  Also, keep in mind that there are other variations of this sign.





Notes:  For more information on this sign and variations, see: FIREFIGHTER-[advanced]


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