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American Sign Language: "fencing"


niab245 writes:

I saw the sign for Fence, but wondered if there was a sign for Fencing; the sport. Couldn't find one for Sword either so should I just spell it?

Thank you so much I know your busy. I have learned so much so quickly because of your site and hope to find the local Deaf community in my area.
Thank you again!
Nia Barbosa

Hello Nia,
Since "fencing" is not that common in the Deaf World you won't see a strongly established sign for "fencing" used by most people. During a conversation you would spell the word "fencing" and/or "fence" at least once and also do a miniature version of a mime-like fencing move that looks like holding a fencing sword and makes a small circle then a jab. If you are good at spelling (as most Deaf are) you would then just continue to fingerspell "fencing" but the fingerspelling would become lexicalized (shortened movements, dropped letters, -- starts to look like a sign and not individual letters).  If you suck at fingerspelling (like most Hearing ASL learners) feel free to do the little "circle jab" sign.
-- Dr. Bill



See: FENCE (but do not use the sign "FENCE" to mean "fencing."


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