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ASL: "fence"


The general sign for "fence" (as in a type of enclosure) uses "4"-hands, held in the neutral space in front of the body, pointing at each other, tips of middle fingers almost touching, palms facing backward. Move your hands out (away from each other) toward your sides.  Memory aid: The fingers look like the long wooden poles in old-fashioned log fences.

FENCE (general)


FENCE (animation)




If you mean "fence" as in a specific type of fence, then use a "CLASSIFIER" to show what it looks like.
For example: For the concept of a picket "fence" you could use a CL-4 handshape:

FENCE: "picket-style fence"


If you mean "fence" as in "fencing with foils" do a quick mime-like movement as if you were swishing a fencing "foil" (sword) in the air.

If you mean "fence" as in "fencing stolen goods" use the sign "SELL" while you stretch your neck a bit and look around as if scanning for cops. It helps to do it off toward the side a bit as if implying that you are using your body to shield the action from prying eyes.

If you mean "fence" as in a person to whom you bring stolen goods for the purpose for exchanging the stolen items for money, either spell the word "F-E-N-C-E" or use the non-initialized "PERSON" sign after the sign for SELL (to create "seller") and if needed for clarity you can add the "EXCHANGE" sign.

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