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Tanya writes:
Hello Dr Bill!
I am currently taking your ASL lessons online @  I am hearing. I'm learning ASL for church. We are starting a ministry for the Deaf & I felt the Lord put it on my heart to be a part of this ministry...
I have a question, when talking about God being the creator of all things how would you sign the word creator?
Again thank you so much & I am looking forward to doing the rest of your lessons.
Have a blessed day!

Tanya DeMarco
Grace Independent Baptist Church

Hello :)

I've always just signed "MAKE" to mean "create."  Thus you can sign MAKE-PERSON to mean "maker" which in context could be understood as meaning "the creator."



Note: Often during high speed signing of compounds movement of one or both of the signs is reduced.
So you might see CREATOR done using only one twisting movement prior to doing the PERSON sign.


Also see: CREATE

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