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In a message dated 11/6/2007 11:22:23 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, cynkaniski@ writes:
The sign for "conclude" is the same as "end" right? Is conclusion the same? As I read things, I tend to 'interpret' them in my head. I came across a reading with "conclusion" and "summarize" in the same sentence. How would you correctly sign that?
No rush, just wondering.
Thanks! Cynthia
To sign SUMMARIZE, I'd use:

Conclude can mean "end" so you could sign END or FINISH.
Conclude can mean "agree" so you could sign AGREE.
Conclude can mean "decide" so you could sign DECIDE.
Conclude can mean "deduce" so you could sign THINK-consider DECIDE
Conclude can mean for a group to decide, so you could sign "COLLUDE" DECIDE.  (The sign COLLUDE (different word than conclude) is a modified version of the sign "MEETING."  The hands flutter together and then you sign decide.

At the end of a long talk I've seen people sign: "In conclusion" using the sign for "close."



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