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American Sign Language: "bag"

Most of the time the concept of "bag" is going to just be spelled: "B-A-G." Spelling "bag" is actually faster than doing a sign for it.
At high speed the "A" gets morphed a bit and the spelling just looks like a "sign."

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Did you pay attention to what I just said? 
Do you think I type this stuff out because I like typing?
I told you to spell the concept of "bag" = B-A-G.

Some of you are afraid of fingerspelling and are going to be stubborn and want a "sign" for bag. 
Fine. If you feel like looking silly here it is:


Now don't show up in your local ASL class or at a Deaf event and say, Dr. Bill says this is the sign for "bag."
Nope. I didn't tell you to sign that.  I told you to spell it. 

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