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Below is an example of SignWriting by Kimberley Shaw.  It is a transcription of the ABC Apple Story.
Note: for a Printed (and bound in book form) copy of ABC Apple in SignWriting (plus a few other stories),
send me $5, to Kim Shaw at 50 Mendum St, Roslindale MA 02131. 
To verify, you can email her at:
In a message dated 1/25/2006 7:43:30 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:
Hello Bill:
I have some congratulations to share with you ... a friend pointed out to
me the other day, that if you go to Google, hit the "images" link, and
then put "signwriting" as a search term, "ABC Apple" shows right up --
courtesy of your useful and knowledgeable site! Thought you would enjoy
this visibility, too.
And ...
Would you please update the information that appears at the top of the
ABC-Apple-in-SW page, though?
The ASL anthology which I'm working on has progressed -- and is very
nearly ready for self-publication! It has more couple more pieces in it
now, and the price for it unfortunately will *not* be $5. However, if
people want a copy of ABC Apple all by itself as a nicely bound booklet,
*that* will be $5!
The anthology contains 9 very different pieces by different authors; its
price has not yet been set. All of them are in ASL written with
SignWriting, with *no* English glossing, translations, or transcriptions!
SW is such a good way to get immersed in ASL when not with signing
buddies, and I hope that some of your "ASL U" students decide to go  learn
it and try it out. Don't forget to check out the now-4000-entry  ASL
dictionary at -- a little bigger now,
than the last time I wrote to you!
Kimberley Shaw




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