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ASL game: "Tell me five"

Good for ASL vocabulary review or fingerspelling practice

Preparation:  Teacher prepares a list of common categories such as: books, colors, dogs, drinks, emotions, fruits, relatives, vehicles, weather conditions, etc. Teacher explains to the students that they can come up with their own categories.

Game play:  Students sit in a circle and the teacher starts player signs: "Tell me five colors." Take turns answering until we hit five.
 Next player chooses a category, like sports, weather, emotions, relatives, etc. Sign and/or spell answers.

Announce the game prior to the class session and encourage students show up with several categories in mind.
Teach vocabulary like: you start, your turn, again, spell that, etc. before the game.
Consider adjusting the number of examples used to match the number of students in class.  The number of examples doesn't have to be "five" -- it can be whatever you decide.




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