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WHATEVER: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for: whatever / regardless / doesn't matter / anyway / that's immaterial





You can turn the sign WHATEVER into a put down or criticism by adding additional facial expression.
Here's an example:

WHATEVER (marked version: NMM: "that's inane") doesn't matter / anyway


Here is a sarcastic version that became popular in the Hearing world and is certainly recognized by American Deaf as "whatever" in the sense that you have a low opinion of something and feel it is not important:



WHATEVER (pinkie variation) (pun) (joke sign)
You may see this variation used in jest.  (Using the pinkies tends to indicate the extreme insignificance of what is being talked about).
An educational interpreter told my wife that she sees this version being used more and more with the youth as their general sign for "whatever."





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