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American Sign Language: "spoon" & "fork"

Make the sign for "spoon" by forming the letter "h" with the right hand. Place your left palm facing upward.  Lift the right hand from your left hand toward your mouth a few times.  The difference between "spoon" and "soup" depends on which person you ask.  I personally differentiate between the two by making the sign for spoon a little faster and keep my right hand closer to the left hand. (The right doesn't travel as close to the mouth when signing spoon as it does when sign soup).  When signing spoon I also tend to "drop" the bowl (left hand) after I ladle out of it twice with the spoon.  What I mean is I hold the left hand in a cupping shape then I use the right index and middle finger (in a slightly curved "u" or "h" shape)  to represent the spoon.  I scoop the "spoon" into the palm of my left hand twice and then I immediately "drop/relax" my left-hand while still holding the right hand for an extra moment or two.  By relaxing or dropping the left hand but continuing to keep the right hand in the "spoon" shape it emphasizes that I'm talking about a spoon. 

For the sign, "soup" I would keep the left hand involved until the end of the sign and I would also bring the "spoonful of soup" to within a couple inches of my mouth to emphasize the "soup" aspect of the sign.



Make the sign for "fork" by forming your dominant hand into the letter "V."  Your non-dominant palm faces upward.  Stab your "V" hand into your palm twice.



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