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American Sign Language: "snowboarding"

ASL is a "living language."  It evolves.  The sign "snowboarding" certainly evolves.  One of the more recent and sensible versions I've seen is this "bent hand" version.  The sign still moves forward and down as if sliding down a mountain.  Special thanks to Misha (CODA, Sacramento / Lake Tahoe region) for showing me this version. I'm a geek but am fortunate & grateful to have cool friends and students who go out and do fun things and tell me stories later so I can at least fantasize about someday being like them. (It is good to have goals.)
-- Dr. Bill


Actually, now that I look at the pics (above) I'm pretty sure Misha does the sign about six inches lower.  Anyway, you get the point. Do two quick movements forward and down (at an angle -- as if you were going down a mountain eh?)

SNOWBOARD (older version) (not recommended)
This sign is done similar to the sign for "ski" but you use "flat hands" instead of "x" handshapes.
Hold your right and left hands out in front of you.  One hand in front of the other both hands palms-down. The hands are pointing down at angle as if representing feet on an imaginary board on a hill.

Your fingertips are pointing down the hill as if they were your toes.    Using a quick movement, slide your hands "down the hill" a bit and repeat, (bring them back up part way then forward and down again).



SNOWBOARDING (not recommended)

The "original" version of snowboarding was to sign "SNOW" and then SURFING.

SNOW: The fingers flutter as you move the hands down and to the side (shorter method is better for compound concepts). (Or down and side to side as I'm doing here.)

Next, sign "surfing" downhill. If you are right handed hold your left "flat-hand" (like a B-Hand) in front of you, palm down.  Put your right-upside-down-V-hand on top of the B-Hand (as if standing on a snowboard). Then quickly move both hands forward-down a couple inches, then back up and forward-down again as if showing a person going down hill on a board.





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