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SINK: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "sink"

The word sink has different meanings.  You should sign "sink" in a way that matches your meaning.

Often "sink" is just spelled out (S-I-N-K) since it is a relatively short word and it is actually easier (for skilled fingerspellers) to spell "sink" with one hand than to do a two handed sign depicting a sink.

SINK / fs-SINK / spelled version:



Sample sentence on Youtube: "What color is your sink?"

SINK (depictive version)


You can use your hands to show the size and shape of a sink, tub, or basin.
For additional clarity of your concept you may wish to mime turning of two water faucet handles. 

BOWL: basin, tub, rounded container, basket, etc.


SINK (version 2)
Sink as in to become submerged, to descend into liquid, drown:




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