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Additional reading (not needed for class).
A student writes:
How would u sign the verb, shower? Would it be the same as the noun? Is shower a noun-verb pair?
I can see how SPRAY / SHOWER could be considered a noun/verb pair since a single downward movement to mean "the water sprayed down" -- which would be a verb (sprayed).  During high speed signing (native level) it is common to sign something like "I SHOWER FINISH" using a single movement for "SHOWER" which means "I finished showering" but could also be interpreted as "I'm done with the shower."

Real life:  When used in a sentence by a fluent ASL signer, "SHOWER" it is often done with a single movement regardless if it is being used as a verb or noun.
If you signed, "I MUST FIX SHOWER" (to mean that you need to repair your shower) -- it would be generally done with a double movement.
This sign is flexible though.  I wouldn't mark it wrong on a test if one of my students did it either one or two movements.


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