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American Sign Language: "sheep"

The sign for "sheep" is made by forming the letter "v" with your right hand (if you are righ t handed). Your left forearm is extended with your hand either closed or open, palm downward. Bring the right hand down onto the top of the left forearm, clip a bit of hair (as if your index and middle fingers were scissors). Then withdraw the right hand an inch, open up the "scissors," bring your right hand slightly further up the left forearm and clip another swatch of imaginary hair from your imaginary sheep. 



A student asks: "How do you sign lamb?"

Response: You can add the sign "small" if you are talking about an actual (animal) lamb.  Or you could sign "BABY SHEEP."  If you are referring to Jesus and you want to retain the metaphor for a song or dramatic purposes in which the context makes it clear that you are referring to Jesus then go ahead and sign SHEEP. If however you want to interpret the concept to its literal meaning then sign "Jesus." See: JESUS

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