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American Sign Language: "scooter"

I haven't see a widespread sign for SCOOTER--as in the type that are like a skateboard with a steering wheel. I asked around quite a bit and a a couple of people did "scooter" by showing how you hold one and use "flat hands" to show how you keep your left foot on the scooter and you push with your right foot, then you hold both hands out in-front of you as if holding onto a scooter.  Move your hands forward, then backward, then forward again. Or show a left right turning movement.  It will be interesting to see what version of this sign eventually (if ever) becomes popular.

If you do this sign a little lower it could mean "shopping cart" or "stroller."

Animation:  SCOOTER
In a message dated 7/7/2005 12:02:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
Hi Dr. Bill,
  I've enjoyed browsing through your site. I noticed that you hadn't seen a widespread sign for Scooter. We have a common sign for it in Arizona, but perhaps it's regional I'm not sure. Anyway I thought I'd share it with you.
Your left hand is open and flat palm facing up. Form the letter P with your right hand. Place the tip of your index finger in the palm of your left hand. Now flick your middle finger (towards yourself) against the palm of your left hand several times.
Hopefully my explanation was clear, if not I can try to clarify.
Thanks for creating such a great site.
Take Care,
Thanks for sharing.  I used to use that sign (the one you describe) as my sign for "skateboard" until my young Coda (Child of Deaf Adult) friend showed me a sign for skateboard that I liked even better (see: skateboard).
I'll post your description to the "scooter page." Since (as you point out) it is being commonly used in Arizona it seems to be a fairly safe sign to recommend to others.
Dr. Bill

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