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American Sign Language: "pull"

There are many, many ways to sign this concept.  It all depends on what you mean. 
In general you mime the act of pulling whatever is being "pulled."

The generic sign for pull uses "S"-handshapes and looks as if you are holding onto a rope (extending out in front of you) with both hands. This version could be used to mean "pull something towards me" or "pull on a rope."



If you mean "pull" as in "Pull a tooth" then use an "S"-handshape near the mouth (as if holding a pair of pliers) and mime the act of pulling a tooth.




Occasionally you may see the "pull on a rope" sign above used to mean "pull" a person or group to your way of thinking, (as in, "We will trip to pull him into our camp").  This is a somewhat metaphorical use of the sign and is not "wrong" however you should also make sure that if you mean "pull" as in "influence" then you know and can use the sign for "influence."  Example, "He influenced their decision."  See: INFLUENCE

Also see: "PUSH"

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