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American Sign Language: "Obama"

(President Barack Obama)


Variation 1:  "OBAMA" (formal)
Spell: O-B-A-M-A


Variation 2: "OBAMA"
Use an "O" handshape that becomes a backward facing "B" handshape. 
This sign is based on a combination of the letter "O" and the sign for "FLAG."

Note: Obama's official "logo" shows an "O" and a flag:
"Obama" (Animated Gif)



UPDATE:  As of early 2010, I have noticed the variation above is showing some changes. One of my colleagues indicates that in Texas she is seeing the second part of the sign done with "spread fingers" as a way of representing the stripes in the flag.

Other Variations that showed up in my interviews but never seemed to catch on:

I've also seen or read about "OBAMA" being done as:
"B"-"O"-(using the movement and location of "PRESIDENT")


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